How closely car-smashing Transporter TV series would mirror the movies?

Transporter TV Series finds Martin doing what he does best – making sure sensitive packages make their way to the appropriate person without nasty types intercepting them. Or, if the nasty types do intercept them, that he dishes out the maximum amount of pain to anyone getting in his way.

There’s no word on when this car-smashing action will actually hit screens, but as for me it does not look so catchy without Jason Statham, this is the same step which producers did with Bloodsport without Van Damme long time ago.

TV star Chris Vance, who steps into the Statham’s sharp suits and drives Audi, does not looks so brutal and undisputed, so we were left to guess at is how closely the show would mirror the movies.

But one fact that Cyril Raffaelli was a fighting choreographer makes me feel excited about fighting scenes, so may be I will give it a go.

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