Thousand Faces of Dunjia

Yuen Woo-ping’s Thousand Faces of Dunjia

A Thousand Faces of Dunjia is a remake of kung fu film of 1982 Miracle Fighter. Yuen Woo-ping and Tsui Hark joined forces to bring us another version about a kung fu master who learns special skills from a pair of priests to defeat an evil magician.

Yuen has stated that apart from sharing the Chinese title, the remake is an attempt to tell the story in a completely different manner and redefine the form of the wuxia film.

The film stars Aarif Lee, Ni Ni, Da Peng, Zhou Dongyu and Wu Bai

A Thousand Faces of Dunjia will be released domestically on December 15th, 2017.

Check out the trailer below.

Plot: The world is on the brink of catastrophe in a chaotic age where evil demons roam. In order to keep evil at bay, a mysterious organization from the pugilist world emerges. A new constable and a young girl with a mysterious past are also drawn into this group, and the group embarks on an incredible adventure.

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