Accidents on the Shaolin Movie

Xiong Xin Xin, who has been working in Hollywood in the recent years, is seldom seen in HK movies these days. Despite that, he’s still as capable and agile as he was in classic martial arts movie Once Upon A Time In China, even the Shaolin disciple Xing Yu is full of praise for this martial arts senior.

But unfortunately, accidents happen often on the set of action films. While filming a scene in Shaolin Movie whereby Xing Yu and a group of Shaolin disciples are resisting Xiong Xin Xin’s invasion, a stuntman erred and kick an old wound in Xiong Xin Xin’s knee, resulting in his muscles being pulled, and Xiong Xin Xin falling right away, unable to move, but soon he continuing shooting after a rest, but was injured again by yet another stuntman on his hand and lips.

In another instance, Wu Jing’s leg was hurt when shooting a fight with Andy Lau. Xiao Liu, the child actress who plays Andy Lau’s daughter, immediately rushed to comfort him with a very concerned look and even helped Wu Jing wrap his bandage. Wu Jing smiled in consolation, “You’re such a nice girl, it’s worth my effort in coming to your rescue you in the film.”

At Shaolin Movie press conference held in Beijing on December 28 to unveil the latest poster and trailer, Benny Chan indicates that it cost 20m yuan to build the Shaolin Temple replica, which recreates every minute details of the actual Shaolin Temple, including the overview, the bricks and tiles, the pillar, such that when they’re shooting, they could damage anything during action scenes to create the most realistic results, especially the burning of Shaolin Temple, that scene took them 4 months to prepare and 1 month to shoot.

Jackie Chan feels that he was getting more than he bargained for, “I’m playing a Henan-accented cooking monk who knows no martial arts, it’s rather special. I don’t think what I did is a cameo, though it was a 7-day shoot, I had to shoot non-stop in Shaolin Movie from 6am morning through midnight to 6am the next day. I was only given one hour’s sleep. Initially, I had a bigger role, but I was preparing another film, and they were clashing with each other, so, the director rewrote my part, I’m very glad to be working with him again.”


source: wu-jing

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