Jackie Chan promised more Police Story films and fights

Jackie Chan’s Police Story 2013 already became a box office hit upon its release in mainland China on December 24, 2013. By the end of its second week, the film grossed 442 million RMB, making it one of the highest-grossing films of the year.

Jackie announced that he plans to produce more sequels, saying, “Maybe a Police Story 2016 or Police Story 2017. Maybe even a Police Story 2020. By then I’ll be sitting in an office and have Jaycee Chan and the rest to report to me,” he joked, referring that he would be too old to portray an action-packed cop role like in earlier films.

Director Ding Shen then added, “Jackie still can fight! No problem at all. In the sequel I will have him fight more.”

Police Story 2013 may be one of the last films in which Jackie works without a stunt double. Amid the many action scenes and ensuing injuries, Jackie recalled a day when they filmed him being kidnapped and escaping. “I didn’t want it to be like in other films, where you spit out a steel wire and use that to undo the handcuffs,” he explained. “I wanted to design something that would convince the audience.”

In the end, Jackie used brute strength to pull apart the steel wire, which unfortunately cut into his hands and caused him to bleed. However, he looked at the situation with humor, joking that his recklessness was due to a set visit by his son, Jaycee Chan. At first, Jaycee was unimpressed by his father’s plan, so Jackie plotted to “teach him a lesson” and show him up.

After Police Story 2013, Jackie is expected to begin filming a collaboration with well-known director Zhang Yimou. “I can’t talk about concrete matters,” Jackie shared, “but Zhang Yimou and I have been talking about collaborating before Hero was filmed. This time, I can only say that when the news officially comes out, everyone will be very surprised.”


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