Jackie Chan’s Police Story 2013

Police Story 2013

Check out the US trailer to Jackie Chan‘s Police Story Lockdown. Set to be release on June 5th, head on over to WELL GO USA to get tickets information!

Check out new stills from Jackie Chan’s Police Story 2013. Filming began in November 2012 in Beijing. To prepare for his role, Chan cut his hair short to fit the look of a mainland officer. Filming wrapped on in February 2013 and post-production began, with the actors re-recording their dialogue.

Watch two behind the scene clips from Jackie Chan’s Police Story 2013.

Watch the second trailer to Jackie Chan’s Police Story 2013.

The first Police Story, which was released in 1985, was already filled with injury incidents, with members of the stunt crew entering the hospital nearly every day. Lead actor Jackie Chan was even sent to the hospital when he coughed up blood after filming until six in the morning.

Now nearing 60 years of age, Jackie revealed at a recent press conference that he would likely have to use a stunt double in the future. “I hope everyone can forgive me,” he said.

As a result, Police Story 2013 may be one of the last films in which Jackie works without a stunt double. Amid the many action scenes and ensuing injuries, Jackie recalled a day when they filmed him being kidnapped and escaping. “I didn’t want it to be like in other films, where you spit out a steel wire and use that to undo the handcuffs,” he explained. “I wanted to design something that would convince the audience.”

In the end, Jackie used brute strength to pull apart the steel wire, which unfortunately cut into his hands and caused him to bleed. However, he looked at the situation with humour, joking that his recklessness was due to a set visit by his son, Jaycee Chan. At first, Jaycee was unimpressed by his father’s plan, so Jackie plotted to “teach him a lesson” and show him up.


Watch the first trailer to Jackie Chan’s Police Story 2013

The 2013 Beijing International Film Festival held its closing award ceremony on April 23, 2013. Among those in attendance were Jackie Chan and members from the cast and crew of his new action movie, Police Story 2013, which held its first public screening at the film festival.

After the release of the first Police Story film in 1985, the franchise has gone on to release four sequels and garner numerous awards and nominations. Police Story 2013 will be the sixth installment.

However, according to Ding Sheng, the movie director, Police Story 2013 will be “a continuation of the classic Police Story brand only in name.” Ding, who helmed the 2008 film The Underdog Knight and its sequel, shared that Police Story 2013 has a brand new story and breaks away from the traditional “cop movie” genre. “It integrates many styles,” he said, “from cop, action, suspense, to crime.”

Although Police Story 2013 is a continuation of a series, Jackie feels it is a “brand-new attempt” for him, since he tries to pursue a different challenge with every new film that he works on. “I had a lot of ‘first times’ in this movie,” Jackie said, “and I’m looking forward to it very much.” The movie, which is currently in post-production, is expected to open in theaters this year.


The film’s storyline follows the relationship between Jackie and his daughter; from the sounds of it, a gang kidnaps Jackie’s daughter and holds her at a club, where Jackie and his police force must rescue her.

Jack Tu also gives the impression Police Story 2013 will feature more gun battles than traditional hand-to-hand combat.

Jackie Chan will begin shooting Police Story 2013 on November 15th in Beijing, alongside Mainland actor Huang Bo. This time around, Jackie is portraying an all new character – a Mainland Chinese cop.

And Jackie Chan is ready to get back again! After a great promotion of a long waiting Armour of God 3 Chinese Zodiac movie and contradicting all the rumours and words that this is his last high octane and high risk movie, Jackie is ready to make one more kick.

The China Vision Media Group have announced at a Beijing press conference that Jackie Chan will re-team with his Little Big Soldier director Ding Sheng for the next Police Story film. It will be a 6th movie in a highly popular action franchise.

The first Police Story was made in 1985, sequel was released 3 years later in 1988, only 5 years later in 1993 Jackie released Supercop movie better known as the Police Story 3, in 1996 everybody enjoyed The First Strike, but not everyone knows that it was the Police Story 4, and only in 2004 Jackie released New Police Story under Benny Chan direction where Chan’s character became more dramatic and other young actors like Nicholas Tse carrying the heavy stunts.

Talking about dramatic actions I remember the Crime Story, one of the really great Jackie’s films where he impressed me with his acting skills and I suppose it can become a part of Chan’s Police Story movies.

It’s quite possible that Police Story 6 will end up that same way where Jackie will be acting and young blood will be kicking and punching, but anyway this is a Police Story film and I can’t wait for it!

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