Pavel Nyziak Interview

Budomate: Pavel, how did you start your martial arts way?

Pavel Nyziak: I started studying Karate Shotokan when I was 13 years old. Of course I have to mention my first Sensei Mr.Pavel Lukaszewski from Poland. I will always remember my time at his Dojo. He is still a great Karate instructor and highly respected person.

Budomate: The most of boys who watched martial arts movies in their childhood wanted to be like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, who was your idol and what is your favorite movie of those times?

Pavel Nyziak: I can say that I’ve always loved movies. As a kid I grew up with the old classic Bruce Lee movies, films like ‘’Enter the Dragon’’, “Fist of Fury”, The Big Boss” and “The Way of the Dragon”. I was the big Bruce Lee fan but I’ve also been a fan of Bolo Yeung after watching his performance in “Enter the Dragon” He was the second reason I got involved with the Martial Arts. Then later I met Bolo in person and I have worked for him as his Seminar Agent and webmaster. It was an invaluable experience. Think about it; you meet a guy whose worked and trained with Bruce Lee.

Budomate: How did you meet Tony De Leon?

Pavel Nyziak: We have known each other for 3 years now through the world Martial Arts and of the Internet. I have conducted an interview on him for Bolo’s website back in 2009, and ever sense we have become family; always keeping track of one another. We were working on Alex Wraith’s project called “Beautiful Warrior“, but things did not work out. So we drop the project and decided to do our own thing, “Trigger Reaction”. The rest is history.

Budomate: I see you have got a wife and children, how do you find balance between family and serious trainings and now movies?

Pavel Nyziak: So, we all only have 24 hours a day. The truth is, each of us chooses how to spend our time and it is a choice over which you have control or not. I am a busy father of a 11 month old baby girl Nicola and 10 years old Victoria. It is quite a challenge to balance my career, my home life, and try to find time to work out but Martial Arts is a way of life!


Budomate: Which martial artists did you meet in your life and who do you deeply impressed by?

Pavel Nyziak: I met a lot of Martial Artists such as Jean Claude Van Damme, Guido Kessler called King of Nunchaku, some Masters from Shaolin and many more. I want to say that I respect them all because I just know how hard their training was and still is.

Budomate: What do you feel about your debut?

Pavel Nyziak: I feel great but I would like to say more when our film production will be done. It will be awesome to meet the great Team and my friends. “Trigger Reaction” is a very special project to me. This is an action cop thriller rather than a Martial Arts film. The concept is original with all the trimmings. Tony De Leon has came up with the characters; and also wrote it.

Budomate: Who do you want to fight with in movies?

Pavel Nyziak: Everybody ! (laugh) There’s just too many to mention. Next question, please.

Budomate: Who have got a great chances to become the next martial arts star in movies or became already on your opinion?

Pavel Nyziak: I think Scott Adkins will be a reputable action actor after his appearance in The Expendables 2. This will help push his career to the next level but there is also a few actors who have skills and potential to be the next Martial Arts Star.

Thank you for the interview. Special thanks to my friends: Tony De Leon, Stevie McQueen from Scotland and Jalal Merhi from Toronto, Canada.

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