He must fight for his life in One Million Klicks

Get ready for kicks marathon in One Million Klicks on June 7.

Watch the new trailer to One Million Klicks.

Mike Leeder recently reported that Evolutionary Films, the London based sales and production company, have been appointed as international sales agent to represent the movie, and will be being taken to Cannes.

Don’t miss the new martial arts movie One Million Klicks with absolutely blazing fighting choreography from a duo Mike Moeller and Mike Leeder, the first one is an accomplished German stuntman making his mark around the globe and the second is a writer, contributor and respected movie person based in Hong Kong.

The story, written by Mike Moeller and Marco Theiss, is about Michel a fighter who is drawn into brutal street fights which are recorded and streamed to an international audience over the web. As the benefits of fighting increase, so do the deadly odds, and soon Michael must fight for his life against something bigger than his opponents, Greed. The film is produced by Ruedigger Kummerle, directed by Alex Padrutt and Oliver Juhrs.

It looks like Mike taking everything to the next level.