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Superhero film Liberator

In June 2011 Jim Cirile published 20-minute short film named Liberator, about a disgraced, washed-up, ex superhero whose secret black ops past catches up with him – just as he’s trying to put his life back together.

The cast is very good:

  • LOU FERRIGNO as Al Migliocetti/The Liberator
  • PETA WILSON (“La Femme Nikita”) as Marla Criswell
  • MICHAEL DORN (“Star Trek: the Next Generation”) as General Augustus Criswell
  • DON “THE DRAGON” WILSON as Sidewinder
  • EDWARD ASNER as President Whitlock.

The truly unique thing about Liberator is that, unlike other superhero flicks out there, it’s based very much in the politics of now. This is a real person in the real world. He’s a superhero, yes, but he’s also a man and a father, dealing with the things that affect us all as humans. It’s this personal, emotional element that really sets this character, and this project, apart.

Authors need $18K to finish this film at the high level of professionalism it demands and to add the special effects. They have a great team of industry pros working on this thing at pennies on the dollar because they love this project and want to see it happen.

What I can say, short film is a very good start for rookees nowadays and I hope these guys will suceed with their project like Kevin did with Mortal Kombat. What I’m glad to see that Don Wilson is back in action after 5 years break. Premiere is set for 2012, so fingers crossed.

You can support guys here:!/Liberatormovie

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