Kill ’em All movie review

Kill em All movie review

Kill ’em All movie is another variation on people locked up inside a bunker topic. If you are looking for a mindless actioner it may just be what you are looking for. Kill ’em All movie looks like video game with different levels. There is nothing special about the plot because everything has been filmed only to show bloody and outstanding fighting scenes choreographed by martial arts expert Tim Man.

By the way Tim Man is now working on the Ninja 2 with Scott Adkins and Kane Kosugi, so we can expect much more jaw-dropping action sequences these time.

The setup is simple. A bunch of assassins from around the world are kidnapped. The killers are drugged and when they awaken they are in a sealed room called the Killing Chamber, for pretty obvious reasons. A voice speaks to them over a loudspeaker, introducing them as players before they are forced to fight each other to the death. Sound like another part of the Saw movie, isn’t it?

Actually I was not in the mood to watch this movie because though it is another cheap action from thai producers wanted to repeat a success of Tony Jaa and his movies, but appearance of Joe Lewis made its mark.

On my opinion the great champion was unfairly forgotten by film makers all over the world since 1981 and I sure now all of them whip the cat, but it is too late, the greatest heavyweight point-fighter and kick-boxer of the 1960s and 70s passed away in 2012 and this movie was his last one. Joe was a true fighter in the ring, life and on the film sets.

In Kill ’em All he played assassin Carpenter always ready to fight. All his fights look down to earth and very effective, he does not use any tricks and jumps, but can kick the hell out of anybody any time. Lewis is one of only 5 men who defeated the legendary Chuck Norris.

Another character in this movie is The Kid played by Tim Man. Actually I can’t get why this talented and brutal fighter is still not playing lead characters in popular action movies? He has got everything and even more than Tony Jaa and Iko Uwais. What is interesting Tim Man was born in Sweden and started to practise martial arts at the age of 8 became 3 times Swedish champion in Taekwondo and came on a 3rd place in the World Championships at the age of 15. His breakthrough in the movies happened in 2009 in the Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li movie where he played master Yung. In 2011 Tim got the lead role in the first Italian martial art action Una vita da sogno, where he played the brainwashed and crazy martial artist Marco Zanc. By the way he was a stunt double in the Mortal Kombat: Legacy web series… why not a lead actor, Kevin (director)?

The legendary Gordon Liu looks stunning as always and his Kung Fu skills make difference on the screen and give you a chance to see how Muay Thai tricks works against Chinese moves. See for yourself what is more effective for you. By the way he does not play a monk this time, but still a lethal bald-headed leader of secret organization.

One of the assassins Mickey played by young martial arts expert Rashid Phoenix, who spent a year in Shaolin temple and was asked to represent the school and perform with the Shaolin monks all around China.

What is bad about this movie? For me this is an acting of Ammara Siripong playing assassin Som, do not believe any second of her acting, very bad. The assassin Gabriel played by Johnny Messner looks good on the screen but acting awful. Ninjas? seriously? How many times a man can be hit by bricks to the head? Watch this movie and find out…

Attentive onlookers can find something similar to The Raid movie (now and Dredd 3D too), where everything takes place inside one building, others can notice a small tribute to Bruce Lee.

Kill ’em All is not a bad movie, per se, but one requiring a certain mindset to fully enjoy non-stop action. This is not a movie about caring for the characters, this is about watching outstanding fights.

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