Trailer for the Ip Man: Final Battle

Watch the action-packed trailer for the Ip Man: Final Battle. Does Anthony Wong have what it takes to be Ip Man?

While Anthony Wong is known for his acting prowess, he is also a lifelong martial arts exponent who holds an 8th degree in the Tai-Shing Pek-Gua style. Producer-actor-director Eric Tsang is the grandmaster of the White Crane style. Tsang was a stuntman for more than 15 years early in his career.

“We’re thrilled to have been able to get such a stellar cast who are respected martial artists in their respective disciplines. I think audiences will find their combination of skills will add a new level of authenticity to the tale of Grandmaster Ip,” said Albert Lee, Emperor Motion Pictures CEO.

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  • I have often wondered how Steven Segall would fare against Donnie Yen, Jet Li or Tony Jaa. Mr. Segall is a big man; and, always throws his opponents around like rag dolls. Not taking anything away from the Man of Steel, because in his youth he and JCVD were the most beautiful men (Brad Pitt-Legends of the Fall) on this Planet. It seems to me the Chinese Master Martial Artists can “really” bring it in a powerful, captivating and supernatual manner. All aforementioned is my humble opinion.

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