Gary Daniels in Forced 2 Fight

Back in April Gary Daniels was in Romania, shooting another martial arts movie. According to Gary, its a drama with Mixed Martial Arts. Most of such movies circle around a hero, who is being forced to participate in these underground, illegal fights to achieve some brave goal, its an old formula, yet it still works, which is definately a good thing in my book.

People sometimes get tired of watching these “perfect” hollywood movies, they need something fresh, less heavy. And that’s exactly what Gary is trying to offer.

Interesting thing is that IMDB does not any info on this new martial arts movie. Forced 2 Fight is still in production, as Gary noted himself, he doesnt even have time to check out Romania, its on-the-set-and-back-to-the-hotel routine mostly. Well, at least keeps one focused. I will definately be waiting for this film to come out, as Gary Daniels plays the lead in it what happens very rare last time.

Watch the trailer below.


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