Born To Raise Hell movie review

Born To Raise Hell movie review

In Born To Raise Hell Movie Seagal is working for the International Drug Task Force in Romania, on the trail of some Gypsy home invaders and a Russian drug trafficker. This is another movie written by Steven himself, filmed in Romania with a budget of $10,000,000. Since 2003 Seagal keeps writing so cheap scripts that deserve only go straight to DVD and no more. In past times only one story of Nico allowed him to break into Hollywood in 1988 as a new action star and gross $18 million in US, but it was long time ago and now we can see only the same unemotional Steve’s face putted on weight.

Plot is simple: Six months ago, Interpol agent Bobby lost his partner while combating the drug lords who use their ill-gotten gains to fund international terrorism. This incident only causes Bobby to grow more determined to bring down the evildoers, and he has subsequently joined up with a team in Eastern Europe who patrol the narcotics routes there and do their best to stop them in their tracks.

As I can understand from the movie his new partner is arriving to Europe, but if you expected to see any drama between Bobby and him you will be disappointed, because this guy is a rookie and just another member of a team. I do not know why such a character was shown in this film, he doesn’t connected to anybody and there is no storyline about him at all.  But let’s keep it for the writer.

I have heard about this movie from Darren Shahlavi when I was making interview with him on upcoming Ip Man 2 Film. British action star Shahlavi plays Costel who is responsible for a multiple murder in a district and looks as if he could have wiped the floor with Bobby, but Seagal is playing the hero so there is no way for this.

This is a debut of Lauro Chartround as a film director, previously he worked as a stunt coordinator Icarus with Dolph Lundgren, Hunt to Kill with Steven Austin, X-Men: The Last Stand and much more famous movies. But why he asked Steven Seagal to play a lead in Born To Raise Hell Movie? “Lauro, there are a lot of martial artists around who still in a good shape and looks perfect on the screen – Gary Daniels or Mark Dacascos, for example. You invited Darren Shahlavi and this is only one correct decision you made with actors, because Darren played his part perfectly”. Read our interview with Darren Shahlavi.

And what is a purpose of women-killers walking around with harsh faces or stripped in this movie? Steven, you are a dissolute old man (LOL). I can say producers prefer to use sexuality if product is bad like King of Fighters Movie.

What is good about Born To Raise Hell Movie – I could’t see Seagal doubled up to catch his breath between takes, because he liked to play with it in his previous works… or may be it is just a good work of editor?

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