Meet Blindsided Walter armed with a blind cane and hidden blade


Blind man Walter ventures to his neighborhood corner store to buy milk and apples to cook a pie, but his peaceful trip turns into a battle with mafia thugs. Sounds like a good script to Jackie Chan movie, isn’t it?

Eric Jacobus and Clayton Barber used Long Beach as the backdrop to bring the audience into a quirky world of Walter Cooke, who is a blind, grounded fighter armed with a blind cane and a hidden blade, fighting against three knife-wielding opponents.

Blindsided flick made in best traditions of the ’80s and inspired by films such as Zatoichi and Blind Fury.

Walter is played by Eric Jacobus who is a stuntman known by Death Grip movie released in 2012 where he played one of the brothers propelled into the cult’s demonic world where they must fight for their lives and face the depths of their own dark past.

The real buzz Eric made with his short video Rope a Dope in 2013 where he played a guy, who’s gotten stuck reliving the same ‘Groundhog Day’ cycle over and over, ending in a horrible fight. Eric’s performance was so flawless and funny, and fighting choreography is eye-popping, so guys released Rope a Dope 2 in 2015.

If Eric is a talented actor and stuntman, Clayton Barber is no stranger to movie world and previously worked as a fight coordinator of Creed. They also invited Roger Yuan to play the store owner. It’s funny to see when it comes to the fight he behaves like a sifu testing his student skills.

The film made in a very relaxed, funny and enjoyable manner. Especially I want to praise the high-energy action design which blends perfectly with great storytelling. Stunt performers clearly capable of performing tricks and know what they do on screen.

It’s very interesting where this story will go as 12 minutes is clearly not enough and just provoke many questions, leaving you with the feeling like you just watched the full trailer to Blind Fury 2.

Blindsided serves as the first title under the banner of Jacobus Barber (JB) Productions, which is dedicated to delivering strong storytelling and first-rate action, created by people who truly understand action.

Watch Blindsided on YouTube on March 1st.

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