Best Action Movie 2017

Action mates, it’s time to vote up the action films you think are the greatest of 2017.

2017 was surprisingly heavy on action, 87Eleven guys presented us two movies – assassin’s sequel John Wick 2 and action spy thriller Atomic Blonde. Kingsman: The Golden Circle raised the bar with hyperbolic action sequences so James Bond now looks outdated. Iko Uwais proved again that he is a king of bloody gritty action in Headshot. Scott Adkins once again entertained fans with the last part of the Boyka franchise.

Jackie Chan got back with outstanding performance in The Foreigner movie and his typical role as an adventurer in the Kung Fu Yoga. Bruce Lee fans enjoyed a full-length movie Birth of The Dragon based on Little Dragon’s confrontation with a kung fu master Wong Jack Man.

Donnie Yen joined Vin Diesel’s Return of Xander Cage as Xiang and actually saved it from a total fail with jaw-dropping action scenes and not without a help of Tony Jaa.

Asia surprised with the box-office leader Wolf Warrior II starring Wu Jing and Frank Grillo, amazing dramatic work of Wilson Yip called Paradox starring Tony Jaa and Louis Koo, and the historic war film God of War starring Sammo Hung as a Commander. Ladies were entertained with strong female characters in Wonder Woman and Lady Bloodfight.

Now over to you, weigh in on your favorites in the poll below. You can select two movies only.

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